Guppy fish care

By | December 22, 2014

The guppy, also typically identified as Rainbowfish due to the multiple rainbow-like colors they appear. They are also called the Million Fish. The Guppy is the most widespread and widely sold tropical fish. Most aquarium owners like having the guppy because it is one of the well liked fresh water aquarium species. It is live carrying, meaning that that the guppy hold and maintain its eggs inside of its body and at the time of birth, the guppy gives birth to free swimming and live young.

Guppy fish care is practically trouble-free and affordable, but they can get health problems just like any other fish. Within the correct conditions, Guppy Fish will breed around 3 months old, and live about 3 years.

Tank Size
Guppies need a neighborhood of at least ten or more inhabitants, so a good size tank is necessary. Do not put them in an aquarium less than 5 gallons, and if possible not under a 10 gallon tank. I recommend a 20 gallon tank with plenty of “safe” friends. However, if you decide to have only one fish, a 5 gallon fish tank should be fine.

Many fish and plants can endure a special level of temperature. Persistence is also an extra factor that should be considered when breeding fish in tanks. Unexpected and major alterations in water temperature can cause health challenges in fish. For guppies, the perfect temperature sits between 50°F – 85 °F (10-30 °C).

Guppy Fish Breeding
Guppies breed very often! They can out-breed a tank very fast! If you see a male putting on his fins and curling around the female, they are expressing their courtship. Once the female is fertilized, it will take about 28 to 30 days to give birth. Her belly grows quickly until she appears like a box, not a fish, yes that is true! She will go to the lower part of the tank to rest on plants and such, and lose her appetite and stop eating.

As a basis for their diet program, you can give your guppies the classic fish flakes. Combined with the flakes consider adding other things such as live or freeze-dried foods. Watch out for the tropical flake food in the aisles which is made for tropical fish like guppies, these are no good. Go for either Omega One Super Color or Tetra Color Tropical Flakes. Providing the suitable amount of food is important since overfeeding can harm your fish. Guppies have stomachs that are just the size of their eyes! Overfeeding these magnificent fish can block their intestines and cause other health issues.

Did you know, if you float your hand around a tank with guppies in it, they will pursue your hand, wishing food?

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