Arowana Fish

By | December 20, 2014

The Arowana is a lengthy, smooth streamlined fish of magnificent beauty with a one of a kind character. They are large and usually aggressive with the capability of fast growing. It is believed that Arowanas bring in good luck and fortune.

Their bodies are coated in large, heavy scales with a beautiful pattern of canals. Arowana are also described by two, darkly colored lines that stretch from its bottom lips. These lines are sometimes fragile, and can easily be harmed by bad handling. Because of their demanding design and utter size, the process of parenting this fish should only be pursued by a devoted and seasoned aquarist. They are also one of the most highly-priced kinds of aquarium fish, with some adult individuals costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Keep them a suitably sized tank; the arowana is a surface-swimming fish, so size of the aquarium is rather important. Arowanas are enthusiastic jumpers, so make sure to have a tight-fitting tank hood. They are more vulnerable to nitrites than other fish, so supply proper filtration and execute 10 to 20% water changes when needed. Steady water quality and ranges are essential to the health of life in the tank. If you are suspicious of your water quality, ask an expert on how to test the water quality.

Feeding and Health
The natural diet can vary from small fish, frogs, invertebrates and even some plant substance. Also mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers, insects, garden worms, fly, shrimps, beef heart, and so on. The foods your arowana will like are very individual to the fish, so test out plenty of different items and see how they react. Some food helps to encourage color in your fish. Any food that includes carotenoids will help to establish red and gold coloring in your fish. But it is always wise to keep a varied diet in your fish.

You can also give live food on material high in carotenoids, such as feed carrots or shrimp to mealworms and then the mealworms to the Arowana. Supplying food habits have an effect on both the size and color of your Arowana. Even though they have an insatiable appetite, feeding them too much food can make the fish grow more quickly but can negatively affect both the color and health of the fish in the long run. Given that the size, color and health are very significant do not overfeed Arowana too often.

Arowanas get sick too; however, they typically get well quickly if you raise their water temperature and add a little salt.




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