Golden arowana fish

By | March 7, 2015

There are many Arowana Variety in the world. Popular Varietys are silver , Black , Malayan , red and Asian Arowana. But most popular and high costly arowana fish Variety is Golden arowana Fish. Scleropages Family Golden arowanas scientific name is Scleropages formosus. this Beautiful fish Swimming style is so calm and quit therefore watching their swimming is good for your mind.

The Fish With the Micro Chip Golden Arowana

The Golden Arowana , threatened with extinction in the wild is protected world wide by the CITES convention. All wild caught Fish species that comes under the CITES convention are not allows to be exported or to be imported. The Government of the Golden Arowana native lands have given special approval for the captive breeding of these heavily sort after fish. These captive breed fish are allows to be exported or imported under the special certificate. In order to distinguished captive breed ones , all captive breed specimens are marked with a special micro chip with a serial number which is inserted in to the fish when young. The fish will carry this number which is detectable from a special scanning device , till the end of its Life.

Golden arowana Fish

This is the most expensive and most colorful Arowana variety in the world.Mostly they originated from Malaysia and other Asian countries. That one is the most expensive color form for the Asian Arowana group. There are many varieties in the Malaysian Golden Arowana, they divide two group using their metallic based color and level of goldenness. Fully golden or all round golden Name as a cross back , half golden name as a high back and golden value between the cross back and the high back is name as super high back among the arowana breeders.

South Asia region that fish Grow around 75 cm length. Also they require large tank to live. 250 gallon to upper fish tank better for their home. Never choose small fish as a their tank mate because of their carnivorous fish species. They also eat small fish , insects and every live element fit to their mouth. Take care before choose their tank mate. Oscar or other same nature large fish good for their thank mate.Subscribe our YouTube Channel and watch more fish videos.

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